Valentines day poems Romantic and Love Forever

Top 18 Valentines day poems Romantic and Love Forever for everybody. Valentines Day Love Greetings Card Poems For Him, Her, Wife and valentines day quotes pictures.

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Sweet Valentine

I could watch the sunrise, I could watch the sunset,
I could walk in the rain without getting wet,
I could witness their beauty as the flowers bloom,
I could I could listen to bird songs as the new day dawns,
I could feel the sunshine through the darkest clouds,
I could hear a sweet whisper through the roar of a crowd,
I could walk on water without soaking my feet,
I could travel the world in less than a week,
I could ponder the knowledge passed down by the wise,
I could dwell in a castle built in the sky,
I could paint a portrait and bring it to life,
I could sleep without pain, on the edge of a knife,
I could play a sweet melody to soften the mood,
I could take all the bad and turn it to good,
I could float on the breeze, I could fly on the wind,
I could soar high in the sky leaving the world behind,
I could travel the cosmos and watch it unfold,
I could witness it’s power, so wonderful to behold,
But of all the wonderful things I could do,
There’s nothing in the universe that compares to you,
I’ll hold you in my heart for the rest of my life,
You’re my living miracle, my sweet valentine.

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My Love For You

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Music is beautiful
And so are you

You smell so good
You smell so sweet
You smell good enough to eat

My love is for you
For you are in my heart
My love is for you
My beautiful sweetheart

So I hope
You take this poem to heart
Because I hope
That we shall never part

Happy Valentines Day

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My First, My Last, My Valentine

I’ve never imagined that there can be this day.
A day that love will find its way.
Out of my heart and into your soul.
These feelings I have are beyond my control.

All my life I have waited patiently.
For a goddess like you, so beautiful, so lovely.
Words can’t express the way I feel.
These feelings towards you are all for real.

You are the reason why I go on.
Eternity can’t separate this special bond.
This heart of mine is reserved for you.
Forever it is yours, this love is true.

I’ll be your first and you’ll be my last.
My world, my everything, till my time has past.
I will always love you until the end of time.

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